We Do Recover.

The Kentucky Survivors Area of Narcotics Anonymous is a service body responsible for serving the homegroup meetings of Central Kentucky.  If you think you or someone you know may have a drug problem, we can help.  We encourage you to check out one of our meetings close to you. If you have other questions about Narcotics Anonymous meetings please call (859) 253-HOPE and you will be connected to a volunteer.

Printer Friendly Schedule

THE PASSWORD TO THE AREA SECTION IS THE ANSWER TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: What is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions?

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Certain meetings will temporarily be closed due to Coronavirus.  Please call the phoneline for the most updated meeting information.  At this time the following meetings will not be meeting: All meetings will be closed unless specifically listed on meetings header. Zoom ID’s for meetings are listed below:

Clean Today on Saturday 12 and Wednesday 6 will not be meeting in person until Saturday March 27th.  They will be meeting on zoom at the zoom ID:559-689-7600 go to zoom.us to log on or download the app.

KISS Group on Tuesdays will not be meeting until March 31st they will meet online at 7:00 PM on Tuesdays at zoom ID 201-257-2764

NA as Such: on Mondays will be meeting at Zoom ID: 292 830 8015 (not meeting in person due to virus)

Clean Horizons on Mondays will be meeting at Zoom ID: 524 836 7414 (not meeting in person due to virus)

Northstar Online Group will meet every night at 7 at Zoom ID 201 257 2764 http://www.zoom.us/j/2012572764